Olemme osa kansainvälistä Globalise-ryhmää (www.globalise.com), johon kuuluu toimialan suurimmat vuokrajohtajapalveluja tarjoavat yritykset Suomessa, Ruotsissa, Norjassa, Belgiassa, Ranskassa, Saksassa, Puolassa, Tsekeissä, UK:ssa, Brasiliassa ja USA:ssa. Yhteenlaskettu liikevaihtomme on noin 95 miljoonaa euroa ja autamme 15 maassa asiakkaitamme ratkaisemaan monimutkaisia ja haastavia toimeksiantoja.

Globalise provides companies with interim managers to help overcome specific organizational challenges – often at very short notice – as well as helping to recruit senior and C-level managers. We can draw on a global pool of over 30,000 experts. Their proven experience covers every sector, industry and role, from C-level to functional, operational and program management. Whether a single project at one site or a transformation program across your entire operation, Globalise managers will achieve your goals – quickly, reliably and on budget. Every time.

Globalise is a worldwide group, formed in 2015 from leading interim management companies all of them being outstanding leaders in their respective countries. The global network embraces over 30,000 professionals, who have solved challenging tasks for our clients in the USA, SouthAmerica, Canada, Europe, Asia and Africa.